Online Dating – Talking to a Woman for the First Time February 18th, 2011


Online dating has made it easy for people to meet other singles on their own time. It also allows people to connect with those they wouldn’t have ordinarily met outside the internet. Online dating also allows you to get to know people before you have physical communication. Eventually when you start to feel comfortable with someone you will want to talk to them. Here are some tips for talking to a woman for the first time.
What to Avoid
Even though you may have already made some headway in getting to know each other, sensitive topics should still be avoided. Religion is typically not a good topic to bring up, unless you met on a religious website. Politics are another area to stay away from. Unless you know she is into sports, you may lose her interest if you start droning on about your favorite sports team as well.
What’s Safe
You can talk about anything that you share interests in. Many people enjoy talking about their jobs, their families, favorite music or movies, or hobbies. By the time you actually talk to her you should have a base already built, and you can pull from that base.

Keep In Mind
You will be just as nervous as she is for the first real time conversation. You don’t want to sound scripted, but it’s a good idea to spend a few minutes jotting down a few topics to talk about. This way if find yourself in the middle of an awkward silence, you will have something to pull from.

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