Online Dating – Talking to a Man For the First Time March 1st, 2011


Online dating has opened a new world for many people. Those with busy schedules or awkward social skills are able to meet many other singles while at home. Instead of relying on chance meetings, online dating allows people to take control of their own destiny. When you decide to talk to a man that you’ve met online for the first time there are a few things you want to keep in mind.
Sharing Too Much Information
The chances are you have already talked to him online several times, and you feel as though you know him. For women it’s natural to want to start sharing their life with someone they feel a personal connection with. Avoid this temptation and keep the conversation light. Also don’t give away too much information that could identify and locate you.
What to Talk About
Since you have already shared some information by chatting online; you should have a good foundation to pull from. If he is in to sports and you don’t know much about it he will enjoy educating you if you ask. Music and movies are also safe topics. Try to avoid talking about your ex. This can turn the conversation bitter and uncomfortable very quickly.
If he brings up the possibility of meeting in person, just remember to tread lightly. It’s a better idea to wait until you’ve had several conversations. If you do decide to set up a meeting, make sure you are able to meet in a public place and let someone else know where you are going.

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