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Pros and Cons of Online Dating January 30th, 2011


Online dating is becoming more and more popular as people start to realise how easy it can be. It only takes about 10 minutes and a credit card to set up a profile and start meeting singles. While it sounds like a great thing, there are a few drawbacks as well.
Meeting people is easy using online dating websites. You can find websites that are designed for different types of people to meet, you can even vist niche adult dating sites that specialise in your preference, swingers sites for example are very popular for people looking for no strings attached sex. This way if you have an affinity to blondes, or only want to date with in your race, you can find sites that will allow you to find singles in your criteria range.
Dating online is also great because it can be done on your own time. If you are a night owl you can still browse for profiles and send messages just as easily at 3am as you could at noon. This is good for those with hectic schedules, or those who keep hours that are out of the ordinary.
There aren’t many online dating services that are 100% free. The ones that are completely free don’t do a great job at offering different services and security for members. You can expect to pay anywhere from $30-$200 for a membership, depending on the site and the length of the membership you purchased.
Online relationships also have a phenomenon known as false intimacy. Talking with someone online can create false feelings of closeness. Researchers are still studying this, but it seems to be easier to form connections with the anonymity in place.
Scams are also common among online dating sites. It’s not uncommon to have communication with someone who ultimately asks for money or personal information. The money will likely never be seen again, and the personal information can be used to steal your identity.

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