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Online Dating for Parents November 17th, 2010


Dating while you have children can present its own set of unique challenges. With a few good tips you can successfully find other people to date while keeping the focus on your children and family obligations.
Find Other Parents
Finding other single parents will give you a better chance of dating someone who understands what it takes to date as a parent. Even when singles are open minded, unless they have children they may not understand some of the special challenges. Another parent will completely understand this though. You can find websites that are set up just for single parents to meet other single parents to date.
Keeping Your Kids Safe
It’s a good idea to use a computer for dating activity that your kids won’t have access to. You may also only want to log on to the sites during times when your children are either in school or in bed. Even if you don’t post explicit photos of yourself it’s not a guarantee that others won’t send you explicit photos and messages. Keeping this from your children is important.
Be Upfront
If you choose not to use a site devoted to single parents, you need to be very clear in your profile that you have children and they come first. This way others will understand that your schedule may never be set in stone, and you must end potential dates by a certain time. Many people don’t want to date people with kids, and it’s not a good idea to try to change their minds.

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